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Vegetarians or Vegans Choices In The USA – Part 03

1)      Red Robin:

  • Salads and Fruits
  • BOCA Original Vegan Burger
  • Red Robinetti Spaghetti
  • Rice. Ask to them to prepare it without any meat
  • Steamed Veggies
  • Whole grain buns.

2)      Olive Garden:

  • Green Salads.
  • Steamed Veggies
  • Pasta and Noodles. They have many varieties.

3)      Cracker Barrel:

  • Baked potatoes
  • Corn, carrots, and fried apples. But it tasted crap. You would probably add salt and pepper to make it little better.
  • Pancakes with maple syrup, French toast, grilled cheese. All three contains egg in it.

4)      Any Chinese Restaurants:

  • Baked potatoes
  • Noodles. Ask to them to prepare it without any meat
  • Fried Rice. May contain egg.
  • Fried vegetables.

5)      Any Mexican Restaurants:  Make sure beans are prepared without any meat or lard (pig fat).

  • Tortilla chips and salsa. Nachos and cheese.
  • Bean burritos
  • Rice and beans.
  • Vegetable quesadillas or enchiladas.
  • Veggie fajitas


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What Vegetarians or Vegans Eats In The USA?

If you are an Indian and vegetarian then you don’t have much choice when you go out for dinner or lunch. Yes, you will find Indian restaurant in every major town. But, they aren’t cheap. And you can not eat that food every day. I have seen most of Indian restaurant offers very few vegetarian dishes compare to non-veg.

Now, like me, stuck in small town, where nearest Indian restaurant is 50 miles/80 km away can’t go to Indian restaurant when you want to eat out.

So, you have to turn to American restaurants. You should be able to breathe all kind of non-veg food smell while you are there.  When I first entered Taco-Bell, I came out in 5 minutes without taking anything. It smelled horrible. But, you would be used to it if you can’t stay hungry.

Now, it is big task to find something eatable for a vegetarian. And if you are vegan then you are in big trouble. It would be very difficult to find something without animal product in it. Most difficult for Indians like us would be the taste of the food.  All steamed vegetable would be plain steamed and mostly without salt or any spices. It wouldn’t be tasty. It the USA, spices means salt and pepper. Any food you will get wouldn’t satisfy your spice need. But, after sometime you will develop a taste of that kind of food.

So, based on my experience, I decided to help those who are in dilemma what to eat in American restaurants. I have prepared list of some fast food chain or restaurants where I have been. See below

Whenever I have doubt I’ll ask them and before ordering I’ll make sure it doesn’t have any kind of meat or fish. Yes, sometime fish is vegetarian food for them. Most of them are very polite and would help you find out something you can eat. Don’t hesitate to ask.

You can always ask them to cook your dish separately then normal cooking plate, griddle or grill. Normally, they would cook where they are cooking meat dishes.

Here is the long list of restaurants which you can try.

1) Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Danny’s

2) Pizzahut, Domino’s, Sbarro, Panera Bread, Ruby’s Tuesday,  Applebee’s, Chili’s

3) Red Robin, Olive Garden, Cracker Barrel, Chinese, Mexican

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts?

Vegetarians or Vegans Choices In The USA – Part 01

1)      Subway: This would be my first choice for quick bite. They have quite a bit what you can eat.  And even you can ask for fresh knife to cut your sandwich.

  • Veggie-Delight: A sub style sandwich with all kind of vegetables. You can put any cheese and put vegetables of your choice. Be careful selecting your dressing on subway. I don’t like dressing much but sometime will go for sweet onion. Mayonnaise does have egg in it.
  • Veggie – Patty: It might not be listed on the menu, but they would have that. It is same like veggie delight but with soy patty. Patty contains egg.
  • Cheese pizza:  They can make pizza with your choice of vegetable toppings. Their pizza isn’t that good.
  • Salad: Be careful. Salad isn’t always vegetarian. But you can ask for salad without meat. Almost all salad dressing contains egg whites in it.

2)      Burger King:

  • Veggie Burger: A burger with veggie patty. Again patty is more like cutlet. The patty contains egg. Ask if you would put onion while ordering. I have seen even onion is part of veggie burger in menu they always forgets it.
  • If you don’t want patty, then you can ask without patty and add more vegetable. They will give you strange look.
  • French fries.

3)      McDonald’s:

  • I haven’t found anything you can satisfy with readily available in their menu. But they can make you anything for you without meat or way you like
  • They have salads, but, as usual, be careful of dressing.
  • You can ask if you can order anything from breakfast menu. If yes then you could order bagels, muffins, etc.
  • French fries.

4)      Taco bell:  They have many choices available if you can stand the beef smell.

  • Chips and salsa
  • Bean Burrito, Fresco Bean Burrito
  • Mexican pizza, Chalupa, Taco, Taco Salad and Crunch wrap with beans. Please specify no meat.

5)      Wendy’s:

  • Nothing much but you can find something to eat similar to McDonald’s.
  • Plain Baked Potato, French Fries, Deluxe Garden Salad

6)      Danny’s:

  • Oatmeal Fixins (raisins, brown sugar, sliced banana)
  • English Muffins
  • Fruits
  • Baked potato, vegetable plates, seasoned fries.


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