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Gujarat in USA

It is always true that where ever Gujarati lives you will see Gujarat (or thepala) .

But, here I’m talking something different.  Gujarat is considered as dry state(?? come on at least technically). And you would never think that any part of USA would be dry. You are partially wrong.

In USA, there are 100+ dry counties. The county is a like district in India. The county or local government has power to prohibit alcohol sell in the county.  And that would decided by county resident whether to ban it or not.  There are also many dry towns or cities. That means even city resident can pass a resolution to ban alcohol sell.  Alcohol and Tobacco product are only sold to 18+ person and it is strictly followed every where in USA.

USA Dry Map

USA map displaying dry communities. Source: Wikipedia

But the twist in the story is, it is just limited to sell of alcohol not consumption of it. You can buy from wet county and consume it in dry county. Isn’t it interesting??

See below Wikipedia articles to satisfy your appetite.

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