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Small town/rural life in USA

As per Wikipedia,

 84 percent of the United States inhabitants live in suburban and urban areas, but cities occupy only 10 percent of the country. Rural areas occupy the remaining 90 percent.

In US, small towns in rural area are widely different from urban area. It has their own culture. Sometime it is better to live in rural area. The people in rural areas are little conservative.


  • Peace of mind.
  • No traffic jams. No tall buildings.
  • No long commuting time and distance to and from work.
  • Very low pollution.
  • Low crime rate(?).  I know my town has very low crime rate even though 14% people lives below poverty line.
  • Low cost of living.
  • If you have back/front yard, you can grow your own garden.
  • Kind and peace-loving people.
  • You have farmers market, where you will get fresh, organic(some time!!) and at reasonable price.
  • Cows, horses and silos in farm fields (If you like it!!!).


  • Not much to do in free time.
  • You will not have much friends. Who prefers to work or do business in woods or in mountains???
  • You don’t have choices for schools/college for you kids.  This is what bothers me most.
  • You will see more old people than young.  In case of my town, median resident age is around 45 years.
  • Limited health care resources. Limited to none specialist doctors.
  • Cows, horses and silos in farm fields (If you don’t like it!!!).

Cons for Indians like us:

  • It is difficult to get Indian grocery. I have to travel at least 60 miles to get Indian grocery. But, you don’t do that every day. Same thing if you want to offer prayer/complain to the god in mandir/temple.
  • Sometime people will look at you like you are from different planet.  I think that is why US government uses the term Alien to describe non-US person :-).