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Nokia – ye tumne kya kiya??

I’m really disappointed by the approach Nokia is taking towards USA market and product strategies.

  1) Nokia N9 not coming to US and UK.

I was eagerly waiting for their MeeGo powered cell phone. I like the hand set design and OS features.  I always like something more developer friendly and open. You lost one customer dear Nokia.

2) Nokia to Ditch Symbian, Feature Phones in the U.S.

Why? We have enough WP 7 phone choice available. We want your Symbian OS too. What will happen to Nokia’s low-cost phones available here? like C series. Your E7 is one of the kind phone I’ll choose over my POP TART blackberry.

3) Nokia N9 axed from Germany.

Do one thing. Axed complete N9 project. Why to quit one by one territories?

I’m not sure in which direction my Finnish friends are going? The great Finnish company going to finish?

Why you need to care that much about US market? You were and are number one in many other markets.   You were number one smartphone maker till very recent past. I think you might have lost your focus and trying to swim in not so tested water (WP 7).

It would be sad if you die.


Gujarat in USA

It is always true that where ever Gujarati lives you will see Gujarat (or thepala) .

But, here I’m talking something different.  Gujarat is considered as dry state(?? come on at least technically). And you would never think that any part of USA would be dry. You are partially wrong.

In USA, there are 100+ dry counties. The county is a like district in India. The county or local government has power to prohibit alcohol sell in the county.  And that would decided by county resident whether to ban it or not.  There are also many dry towns or cities. That means even city resident can pass a resolution to ban alcohol sell.  Alcohol and Tobacco product are only sold to 18+ person and it is strictly followed every where in USA.

USA Dry Map

USA map displaying dry communities. Source: Wikipedia

But the twist in the story is, it is just limited to sell of alcohol not consumption of it. You can buy from wet county and consume it in dry county. Isn’t it interesting??

See below Wikipedia articles to satisfy your appetite.

What is a dry county?

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